Microsoft's New Boy Band

Jerry Seinfeld's high cost ads for Microsoft may have helped get people talking about the company again, but a new low tech conference commercial making the rounds on the web is actually winning positive commentary for one thing that the Seinfeld and "I'm a PC" ads lacked: self-deprecation.
The Internet ad features fictional ad execs in a pitch meeting and an odd little boy band. Meant to publicize the upcoming Professional Developers Conference where Microsoft will give away 160GB hard drives loaded with Windows 7, it has been circling around without any prime-time buys.
While the ad features some of the institutionalized strangeness that seems to spark decisions at Microsoft, it boasts a song that will have Windows 7 stuck in my head for the rest of the morning. Also, it is funny, even if it takes until the end to learn that the makers of the ad are in on the joke.