Windows 7, The Future of Computing?

Now All Vista Users Might not have felt the heat while using Vista but after Grabbing Windows 7 They surely will. Here Is windows , soon to be released Operating System , Windows 7.

Unlike it's predecessor , Windows Vista , which received Great changes from Windows XP version , Windows 7 has not changed so much.
It has Got around Three versions which are being tested currently, Milestone 1 , Milestone 2, Milestone 3 and some others are coming up now.
Windows 7 will be available for 32 bit and 64 bit but the server edition will only be available for 64 bit.

It is not much different from Windows Vista , (as many claim) but until we use it we cant blindly believe it.
The release date , according to is set to be June 3, 2009 , But some of the microsoft representatives have said different dates but I am sure it will release somewhere in mid 2009.

Milestone 2 of Windows 7 has a different taskbar than found in Windows Vista, with, among other features, sections divided into different colors.

Features like support for multiple heterogeneous graphics cards has been added. A all new Windows Media Center has also been added. It might also have the Ribbon interface , which is the best part of it, i.e it has all new design for paint and wordpad and other Microsoft designed Softwares like Word.

In the demonstration of Windows 7 at D6, the operating system featured multi-touch , Just like your Hp touchsmart PC (somewhat)
The price still remains a secret.

Few Leaked Screenshots -