Anyone else thinks Steve Ballmer is Crazy?

The first time I saw Steve Ballmer(Microsoft's CEO) in action was at a Microsoft Keynote Conference, and I was left in utter shock. He came out shouting, running, screaming, jumping, possibly spitting and scratching. It was horrific, some in the crowd seemed to enjoy it, while others where probably thinking what I was thinking, "This guy has lost his marbles".

I'm not sure what he's trying to do, you can tell its a major act, maybe he's trying to motivate or convince others that Microsoft isn't the boring, uninventive, and non cultured company that is seems to be. I prefer Bill Gates than Ballmer, I'm not a big fan of Gates, but he is more humble and doesn't try to perform, he's just himself.

I found a post on, showing Ballmer acting crazy again. here is the link: