I found this article on, its pretty funny, reminds me of The Simpson's' episode where homers face was used on a Japanese product.

Who the heck is Gates-chan?
Submitted by tkopczynski on Tue, 09/23/2008 - 4:50am.

Ok, I about busted a gut when a co-worker of mine brought this can of interesting food in for me from Akihabara. The can of food is called Oden (おでん). As you can see from the following picture, there is an interesting little guy on the front whose name is Gates-chan. Yes, that is supposed to be good old Bill Gates!

Not to be confused with a traditional Japanese food, these Oden food cans are apparently very popular within the Japanese Otaku culture. In fact, there is one vending machine in Akihabara that is very famous for dispensing Oden food cans, from which this can most likely came from. :>) On my next trip, I will try to take a picture. Also, on an interesting side note… there are many different foods that you can get in an Oden can. These foods range from Oden-currey, Oden-bread, Oden-ramen, etc…

The whole concept is just buy, pop, and eat!