Windows Vista Not So Bad

I recently got a new laptop from my church, for church purposes only, but it gave me a chance to fully work and examine Windows Vista. I currently own an iMac running Mac OSX Tiger and and IBM laptop running Windows XP. I did use Vista before, but not to a full extent. But after 3 weeks of working on it, I have to say, I kinda like it, the interface is nice and clean and windows on the hold seems more organized and functional. I did have any serious problems with it. The UI is attractive, its not as pretty Mac OSX, but it is unique in its own way.

Of course there are some flaws, every OS has them, but one thing that really ruins Vista is all the security alerts. It is extremely annoying, everything must be authorized, every time you try to do something a security prompt pops up. I also had some minor application compatibility issues, which will eventually be resolved with updates by Microsoft, so not worth detailing.

I'm thinking about installing Vista on my iMac(intel) via Vmware or Bootcamp. I'm curious to see how Vista will run an Mac hardware.